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Default Re: Samsung Vibrant finally getting Froyo 1/21/11

Got it installed via minikies and it's nice. Wifi calling is wonderful for me since its hard to get a cell signal in the house. Haven't fully tested the gps yet but the compass works a lot better. Flash works and the speed of the phone has increased.
They now have a little tab slider that appears when clicking on text so it makes it easier to select text (I hated trying to select text before). You can also share your internet connection and tethering is an option.
The only negatives I've found are that the Avatar movie that was on the phone as a bonus now doesn't work. It says it is locked and asks you if you want to unlock it but after selecting yes, nothing happens. Someone on the Tmobile site said to do a reboot but it didn't help. Many are complaining of the same problem on the forums.
Also the option to leave the phone display on all the time during charging is gone. Not sure if this was a Froyo thing or just Tmobile but that blows. I liked the disdplay to be on all the time while it was hooked to the charger.
Finally the Samsung desk home and car home don't work right anymore. Desk home gets an error on start up and car homelets the screen turn off then when you turn it back on the program is closed. I also tried opening

All in all though a great update.
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