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Default Re: Final picks for my upgrade! Sandy build!

Well, lets not start a war on the onbard/pci-e sound lol!...

The only reason i went for it is because, i had a budget, and after tweaking/changing i had some left over, so i wanted to give the external sound card a shot. It can't get any worse, and i can let you guys know if its really worth it or not..or made any difference. I do have some quality speakers/headsets, and i have been using onbard for a very long time i should be able to notice a difference...

Plus i assume using external vs onboard should be good for the cpu?...

Forgot to add, i am getting the soundcard for about 140AUD~, brand new, its a special offer the guy at the store said he can give me since i am buying everything from him, plus he has been the same guy i have been buying all my computer parts from...overall compared to other shops i end up saving about 300~ bucks just going to him...(Also i am buying 2x of everything, one is for a friend of mine)
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