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Default Re: VdpauDecoderRender() takes unusually long to complete


Originally Posted by rnissl View Post
So far I haven't tried to reproduce this issue with recordings, but I was told that other people have recordings and can reproduce it even with mplayer (if I recall correctly).
Meanwhile I have been able to reproduce this behavior myself. It happens always for the same call (1795th in xine, 1796th in mplayer) of vdp_decoder_render() when replaying the sample from the beginning.

I'd like to upload that sample to, but I cannot authenticate with "user ID is vdpau with no password", as mentioned here:

The file plays well with xine and mplayer when using vdpau or software decoding. There are no noticeable decoding artefacts or something like that. Sometimes, the call takes longer than 13 * 40 ms in xine which causes an underrun in xines video output queue and hence a few dropped frames in the video sequence, though without decoding errors.

Attached is a patch for mplayer which gives the following output when playing the sample on my machine:
A:31440.1 V:31440.1 A-V:  0.000 ct: -0.549 1794/1794  2%  0%  0.4% 29 0 

========== vdp_decoder_render() returned after 44.690 ms ==========
call 1796

A:31444.9 V:31444.9 A-V:  0.000 ct: -0.549 2034/2034  1%  0%  0.4% 29 0
I'm using a GF 8600 GTS, driver 260.19.36.

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File Type: bz2 mplayer_watchdog.patch.bz2 (669 Bytes, 97 views)
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