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Default Re: -= Official Intel P67 / Sandy Bridge / i3 2100 / i5 2500K / i7 2600K Review Threa

Now it's my turn to post my setup!!!!!!

Had a bit of a scare trying to get this pc installed. I did the main no no in the fact that I got carried away installing so I installed everything into the case before I tried to test it. I swear it never fails that something goes wrong when you do that. Took me a long time to tear it all back apart and figure out the issue. The board acted like it was sort of working and would power up but the fans just ran at full speed and nothing happened. Turns out when I was installing the CPU one of those incredibly tiny pins on the pin pad was out of it's slot and grounding into another one. With the smallest screwdriver I had I took and pushed it back into it's slot and gently put the cpu back it. The computer then POSTed no issue. I guess it works by chopping off 1 pin, but apparently 1154 is too many to lose.

Side note I don't even want to know how small those things are going to be for Sandy Bridge E. Really makes me wonder at what point they will simply have to integrate the CPU into the board because it will be too complicated to get the cpu mounted. I can only imagine how many other people might have done something similar without even knowing it, and thinking the board was DOA. If I didn't already have experience with bent pins in the past I probably wouldn't have even thought to look much less notice something so subtle. It doesn't exactly stand out next to 1000 other pins in the grid.

A couple of crappy phone camera shots:

Don't mind the sleeveless fan wire, I will probably be replacing that fan with one that is sleeved.

Temps are very good, idling at 29C in BIOS, and the board temp is usually 1 or 2 degrees below that. 95W power draw @ idle from the wall. Haven't even run a benchmark on this system yet. I was able to use my old windows install and boot right into it although windows thought I was pirating software. I love the fact that it displays all of those error messages before it asks to you activate. Thought maybe my key was revoked or something. After I activated everything works again.
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