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Default Password management software?

I got this e-mail as someone's attempted to get in my steam account
Dear Steam user (account name: ),

This is an automated message generated by Steam account administration to help
you reset your Steam password.

Please enter the following code into the 'Verification Code' field of the
'Forgotten Password' dialog. (Enter the code exactly as written. You can use
copy/paste operations to enter the code):


Please also enter the *answer* to the following question into the 'Secret
Answer' field of the same dialog:

How do you like your eggs?

IMPORTANT: Please do not reply to this message to attempt to reset your password
-- that won't work. You must enter the above information into the Steam


The Steam Support Team
To submit a question, please visit the online helpdesk at the following address:

This notification has been sent to the e-mail address you provided when you
created your Steam account. For information on Valve's privacy policy, please

So am thinking about password management right now.

What do you use if anything?
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