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I think nVidia are playing this game exceedingly cautiously, they have already been burnt by the TSMC problems and now they may be facing delays in the standardisation of DDRII. They have alot of investors to keep happy.

Also they might well have a killer product, and having seen how they've played this game before, they may want ATi to bask a little before being knocked back into the stone age. It would make the defeat so much sweeter for nVidia.

I have to admit I now have four machines with 9700s in them, three of which I am waiting to be RMA'd as they are naff and didn't work properly. I would never blow 300 on a card with a 1 in 4 chance of working for my home machine.

The sooner the NV30 arrives the better, it may inspire ATi to release a bug fixed working version of the R300 with good drivers. It will also mean that we, as consumers, have more choice and get to choose the best for us.
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