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Default Re: GT220 and Windows 7 problems

I attempted to install them in safe mode because nothing else was working at the time. Was trying different things to see if I could get lucky. Whether I install them from the CD or the latest ones off the internet, nothing will work.

I read elsewhere that gt220's had driver compatibility issues with windows 7, I didn't know if that was true so I borrowed my friends GTS450 to just try another card. Just reinstalled windows (I Have nothing on my computer as it is, i just wanted to do everything completely fresh so I reinstalled it), Everything was working fine. I disable the display adapter in device manager, turn the computer off to put the gts450 in, boot up, and go on the internet to install latest drivers. It installed successfully so I reset the computer, and same thing it freezes and resets at the windows loading screen.

I installed version 266.58 WHQL btw. Where should I go from here? Thanks
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