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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

Sammy, quit your bitching cause they don't hand out epics because you can win a heroic. good god.. they make epics worth something now and people complain.

Tradeskills are no harder to max out now then back in wotlk, in fact Blacksmithing required you to obtain orbs and craft epic pieces for the last 10 levels in wotlk. In cataclysm you can craft the pvp pieces up to max level using ore and elements.

Also its kinda funny but uncommon gems are worth more then rare gems cause multiple tradeskills use them be converted. About the only tradeskill I think is suffering is tailoring cause the epic cloth armor they make uses a special cloth that is no drop, and must be made by the tailor. They are given a handful of recipes that make the cloth, each one being pretty much "use craploads of this material (elements, orbs, cloth) to make one epic cloth", and each one of those are on a 7 day cooldown. A tailor could make one piece of epic armor in a week if they obtain a crap ton of different elements and are willing to burn orbs, other wise it could be several weeks to make something.
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