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Default Re: Samsung Vibrant finally getting Froyo 1/21/11

I tried out the GPS today and I hate to say it because it will probably jinx me but it is working pretty nice. The icon stayed on the road, it update quicker while travelling down the road and at stop lights it didn't start turning the icon facing North, South East and West like it used to. Now it stayed straight ahead.

The rest is nice too especially the wifi calling. It of course uses your call plan minutes but at least now I have phone service in the house with this.
The media gallery is a lot faster too and now i don't have to reboot the phone after taking a video just so I can find it in the gallery.

My wife got an Ipad tonight so I am curious about trying the phone out as an internet access point so the ipad can use the phone's 3g for internet access while on the road on a trip for instance.
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