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Default Re: Samsung Vibrant finally getting Froyo 1/21/11

Well i still like this update a lot better than the 2.1 that was on it before. The GPS seems a lot better for the main thing.

Oh also for the Avatar movie not playing problem, someone said to clear the DRM cache in application management then reboot the phone and that should clear up the problem.

I had a problem earlier where I could only send pic messages by going into a messaging thread already created then attaching a pic and replying to someone. If I tried to start a new message thread and attach a pic I would get a server error upon hitting send. If I went into contacts, clicked someone then message and attach pic I would get the server error message also.
I finally figured out that I had to delete all the non numerical characters from the person's numbers in contacts. It worked fine with dashes in there before but now this update doesn't like dashes being in the contacts numbers. Not a big problem since I only have about 15 contacts but for someone with lots of contacts that would suck to have to go edit all of them.
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