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Default Re: Windows 8 to supports x86 and ARM CPUs

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
It's a different CPU and architecture, RISC. Microsoft have only just decided to wake up and run Windows on another architecture.
Did you get kicked in the head by a horse when you were a kid?

Windows has been running on more than x86 for years. During the height of the power architecture windows was ported to that and was used for servers for a while. Windows has also seen ports to DEC alpha, and mips. Currently windows 7 runs on itanium and x86, and my guess is that windows 8 will run on x86, itanium, and arm.

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
Linux has supported ARM for....... well a years now.
Now tell me, why did you bring that up, exactly?

Don't get me wrong, linux is a good OS, use it myself a lot, but it isn't the end all be all king of OS'es, not by a long shot. It's great for servers and for low level data forensics, but it's a downright sh*tty desktop OS, always has been, and pales in comparison to windows when it comes to everyday consumer/corporate use. I think I've explained why that is to you before, and I'll add this to the pile of reasons:

We tried enabling OpenGL on Linux, and discovered that most Linux drivers are so disastrously buggy (think “crash the X server at the drop of a hat, and paint incorrectly the rest of the time” buggy) that we had to disable it for now. Heck, we’re even disabling WebGL for most Linux drivers, last I checked…
and this

Even for decent closed source drivers like nvidia that neither crashes nor incorrectly paints, enabling layers acceleration makes firefox a lot slower than with software compositing.
Imagine that, mozilla of all organizations, can't get things to work on linux. I know you're going to argue "'s the driver's fault" and that doesn't matter, the fact is that one way or another, it doesn't work. There are plenty of drivers available for this purpose as well, and the fact that none of them work well says something about the linux back end in general.
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