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Default Re: GTX570 or Ati 6950 ?

A few weeks ago I bought a 6950 on the same hopes that it would unlock to a 6970. I got it, and lo and behold it did unlock to a 6970. While the performance was great, the driver issues were abundant.

In between, I got a 470GTX thinking that it would fix things. It however, did not. It was loud, incredibly hot and not a very good buy compared to the 6950. So I bit the teeth and went with a 570GTX for 60 bucks more.

I cannot say I am more pleased with my 570GTX. It's similar to the quality of my GTX285 when I got it back then. It's performance is unparalleled, has yet to go under 40 FPS in Starcaft 2 in a 4v4 game (where the 6950 struggled to get above 15fps in battles and stuttered constantly, even before unlocking. The stuttering only became less annoying after unlocking to a 6970)

On the cooling side, I am more than satisfied. I was incredibly surprised at the lack of sound in my case. Compared to the GTX470, I was expecting somewhere in between but the new cooler is quieter than even my GTX285! On load it is still incredibly quiet. I suppose the vapor chamber really does work well.

In fact, it's so quiet in my room now that I can hear the buzz coming out of the flourescent lamp and the hum coming out of my radio which I didn't turn off. So that's a very good improvement. So if you're a sound fanatic, get the 570GTX, it's actually better acoustics than the 6950 (although that card also has great acoustics)

Furthermore, the temperature is down to 75C at load, which is a vast improvement over 91C (!!!) for the GTX470.

So there you have it, I got this GTX570 on sale for 319CDN so it was a steal. In my opinion, it's far superior to anything that AMD has to offer right now (even with the 6950 -> 6970 unlock that isn't garaunteed to stay that way) Being an actual owner of the 6950 before, I find this card vastly superior.

If you want something that isn't a hassle, quiet, a vast upgrade to GTX285 or GTX470, get the 570. It's ridiculously good.

Furthermore, it's got a cool SSAO ability that makes Starcraft 2 look even better. Can't complain about that.

Also if you get the MSI, it comes with a free upgrade to 3DMark. I found that really useful since I was wasting a lot of time on rapidshare trying to get a cracked copy, then realized wait a minute, MSI advertises in 3dmark so I looked in the box. Lo and behold! Free coupon. Very satisfied MSI customer lol.
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