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Default Re: Official Screenshot Thread 2011

Originally Posted by Soetdjuret View Post
How can u run with shadows on in GTAiv? I saw that it takes up about 15 extra fps, which makes the game suffer real bad as it already is. Atleast in my case, i have GTX 295 and Q9550. I can run with good frames on High settings, but then i need to turn shadows off. Also, your shots look to have AA, did you use ENBseries supersampling for those shots? I can't imagine you had good frames during the time you took those screens. Or had you? Seem as your CPU is only a q6600 i don't think you would do too good in GTAiv.
I was getting FPS in the low to mid 20s for those shots. Yes, I'm using ENBseries supersampling.
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