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Default Re: Samsung Vibrant finally getting Froyo 1/21/11

Originally Posted by snowmanwithahat View Post
Dan, the way it works (on Sprint and Verizon) is that when you go to use their App (Verizon Mifi, Sprint Hotspot) it will phone home and register with your account and upgrade it automatically. If it's a 3rd party tethering app there's really no way that they can know its going on.
It doesn't mention anything anywhere on the phone that you have to sign up for another feature on the phone. It just enables and works. I checked our plan and nothing got added. Also when you go on their site and log into your account, there is no way to add that service. I also tried not logging in and acting like a new user and there is no way to buy that service either.
Someone on the Tmobile forum said theirs worked for about 7 weeks until T Mobile stopped it and said they need to sign up for the extra service.
Like I said, I'll just take my chances I guess. It's not a huge deal anyways, just something that would be nice to use mainly on trips while in the car so my wife could play with her ipad and have internet service. Not worth paying a monthly charge to use maybe once a year for a week at most.
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