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Default Re: DC Universe Online

Originally Posted by Maverick123w View Post
Most of the complaints I've heard have to do with general gameply. I never pay attention to idiots crying about server performance and what not.

I played Anarchy Online at launch... I know what a bad launch is hehe.

If you're enjoying it though that's awesome! I haven't played many MMO's since DAoC that kept my attention past the free month.
This is a very unique MMO traditional hardcore MMO players will hate it as it is more of a FPS. The middle crowd is where this game will pick up people.

My biggest complaint is the main form of fighting is stunning people. If you can get all your stuns off you win. It is nothing more simple than that and it is FRIKING STUPID! It doesn't require any skill other than mash buttons as fast as you can to stun stun stun. It was a horrible idea to form battles around this mechanic. The game its self is brilliant and fun. It's just the damn stunning is stupid.

Flyers do have a huge advantage by swooping down from above. The problem is once they are seen you yank them out of the sky and they are stunned all the way down then they have to get up and fight. So it balances its self out. Their biggest advantage is not having to climb up a building while moving around.

The way you die is to be stunned to death. And yes it is a button mashing game. I don't see why people have a problem with that. All games are button mashing. The idea of skill in video games is a myth. It only comes down to if you are having fun or not. This game is fun but I don't see me playing it next year but time will tell.
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