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Originally Posted by Ninjaman09 View Post
This game actually looks like it has real potential. Are you beta guys under NDA during these weekend testing phases?

I had assumed this was another Korean grindfest and wrote it off before I even read anything about it.
I love this game. I've been in the beta for a couple of months now. I stoped playing because I don't want to spoil the final game.

As Mav said there isn't anythign ground breakign but I don't think games have to be ground braking. They just have to be fun.

I didn't see any grinding. For one the level cap was only 20 and only three zones were open, until the last beta which went up to 25 and two more zones opened up. It is a very solid game. The great thing is the rifts which tear through the zone you are questing in. You have to shut those things down cuz the mobs from then will kill you quest givers. I LOVED THAT! because you got ex for killing those mobs and shutting down the rifts as well as good loot. So even though you were majorly side-tracked from you questing you had a goal and that is key. Your goal is to shut the rift down, you throw in xp and loot and you have a win. it also serves as a major break from questing.

BTW rifts can be local or a major zone wide series of smaller rifts as well as mega rifts will attack your town. That requires a raid to stop those, ofcourse you have dungeons and such in the game. It is just packed with creamy goodness.
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