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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

Originally Posted by CaptnStubing View Post
Cata killed WoW for me. It is a big huge rehash. The new content was cool but there was so little of it. I have no interest in going back and doing the rehased quests. I did the new expansion and now I am out. It was fun but meh, other games are filling my mmo need.

BTW, why should 5 man bosses drop epics? I hated that about the last two expansions. You had to be EPICED out to do any higher end dungeons.

I liked the game of WoW but I have always hated the culture. The people in WoW are completely disgusting. That game brings out the worst in people.
Agreed but people who play fps games online aren't much different, i played unreal/unreal tournament/ut2003/ut2004/UT3 from 1998-2008. Played tons of tournaments,cups etc hosted by and people who play that can be everybit as much of a tool as wow players. The only difference is that a LOT of wow players actually defend the developers and act like some selfappointed mini-mods and nothing is ever blizzard's fault, instead you get to hear L2P, qq moar etc. I hate that crowd, the malicious douchebags that can't even help people who ask for it without cracking jokes, trying to ridicule that person.

The last 2 expansion heroics bosses dropped epics, in wrath also the icecrown citadel normals+argent tournament 5 man normal did aswell. I started playing during the burning crusade and i don't give a rats ass about "vanilla" that every douchebag in trade claims to have played. If they like it so much create a new account and never upgrade, problem solved.


In bc you could actually craft some nice stuff for yourself (binds on pickup ofc) and grinding mats for them felt ok because you knew you would get a nice piece of armor etc as a reward. But now you have to play heroic 5 man to be able to craft anything apart from a blue basic pvp set for yourself. Everything uses chaos orbs wich are bop and only drop in hc's. I play this game to relax, i don't need a another job wich wow is becoming for many and you more or less have to be in a raiding guild to even have a chance to complete heroics. I can't even make a blue level 85 weapon without chaos orbs, if you can't craft anything worthwhile there's simply no point in crafting at all. Cata is killing the game for me aswell but for different reasons.

/end rant.
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