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Default Re: Crysis 2 - New screenshots *DROOL*

Originally Posted by YodaStar View Post
Yeah.. no. If you compare decent capture grab 'screenshot to screenshot' it definetely doesn't blow it away. Rosy offscreen memories best be forgotten.

Point is it doesnt blow it way, barely even looks better if at all and is far more linear and scripted. Also we are comparing U2 SP vs C2 MP. Also U2 MP takes some downgrades to SP.
I don't recall us arguing the gameplay between sp/mp, this was solely about graphics.
God of War 3 - Hades Fight was absolutely epic
Same goes for the titan fight.

Uncharted 2 rooftop helo fight was epic

EDIT: I find it hilarious that some of you guys think just because its "Crysis" it has the best graphics out there. This is their first console game, and other console only developers have been doing this long before Crytek got into it. How many of you actually own consoles and played some of the bigger titles (killzone/uncharted/alan wake/god of war 3) and can commit to saying this before the game is even out.

With as much hate as consoles get from pc gamers, i'm really shocked to see this much "love" for a consolized game. I really think some of you guys are just jaded on the crysis bandwagon. Just because it took great hardware to run, doesn't mean the game looked that great.

I typed this up fast because my jimmy johns arrived.
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