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Default Re: Crysis 2 - New screenshots *DROOL*

Originally Posted by YodaStar View Post
Dont bring in the hate/love discussion when you find it threathening that some think C2 on the 360 is a top contender both visually and technically. Or maybe it would be OK if it was a PS3 exclusive? Then it would have been amazing right (based on games mentioned as "best" this and that)?
i won't bring up the other points because i'm eating, but i'm not threatened and the 360 is hardly the top contender (in regards to existing player base = yes). I could really care less, but the fact of the matter lies that the demo exclusivity is a slap in the face to pc gamers.
i have a 360 and ps3, my 360 is modded and console banned. my ps3 I only play bc2 on it now since that's where most of my friends play. my pc is torn down at the moment as i'm moving cross country.

And I mentioned the fight, not because of the gameplay but because of the graphics. My bad choice of wording.
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