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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09 View Post
Unless you raid or do competitive PVP, the current WoW endgame is a wasteland. I don't even log on any more unless it's raid night (btw the raids are awesome).

Absolutely correct about the game community. I don't know if it's ever been worse. Fortunately I have enough friends in game that I don't need to interact with the masses of 16 year old 4chan addicts. Though, like sammy sung pointed out, pretty much any online community is like this.

This is an absurd statement. I was pugging heroics 3 days after release without any major problems and completed my meta achievement on December 23rd. I did maybe 2 or 3 runs a day. Some of the more difficult achievements I completed with my friends, but none of us had seen raid content by then. Our guild didn't start raiding until three weeks ago, so it's not because of that. I'm not all up in arms about people whining about the difficulty, I know it's a change, but play your class well and take some time to coordinate with your group, and any of the new heroics can be completed in 30 to 45 minutes, tops. Crafting blue 346 weapons is a colossal waste of materials. Do the ring of blood quest in Twilight Highlands for your 333 weapon then run heroics until you get a 346. BTW 346 blues are comparable in relative quality to starter epics from Wrath.
Whats absurd about it? I think you that not only leveled to 85 in 3 days but also got good enough gear to pug heroics successfully in that time is very far from the norm here. People are having issues, ghostcrawler even had to make a post about his wiews on the matter so it's there even if there's no problems for you personally(nor me yet). And i know that crafting blue weapons is a waste of mats but i would have liked to be able to craft them regardless. It's definatly not an absurd statement about the grinding, everytime i find or hear about a good farming spot for cloth you can be sure it will be nerfed shortly and this is what i mean about another job, i work fulltime already so having to farm for hours each night just to level your profession up kinda sucks, especially since the 16 year olds you mentioned sell the same crafted items on AH for 10% of the mats cost. I used to like the professions i had but it's completly insane now, not worth the effort.

Do it as before, make the finer plans bop dungeon drops because the effect is the same but it would save a lot of frustration for a lot of people that can't find much meaning in leveling a profession to 525. Enchanting for example, you have to disenchant epics to purchase the best enchants recipes and those epics only drop in raids OR you can make them if you have chaos orbs that only drop in heroics. All of them has maelstrom crystals as an ingredient aswell, you can't see how that can be incredibly frustrating to people ?

I used to do the daily random heroic with 6 chars in wrath but now i'm still leveling up my last char so dungeons will have to wait. My main has 341 itemlevel in both tank and dps spec but i will do tons of normals first to gear up with jp/reprewards before even attempting heroics again.
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