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Default Re: 480 GTX scaling. Q6600@ 3.6 to i7 2600k @ 4.6

24/7 sort of over clock because I do let windows drop it to 1.6 with power saving features. Any activity causes an instant jump to 4.6ghz. I did have all c-states disabled at 1st and let it run at 4.6 for a few days and decided to try some power savings and have no issues or changes in performance running this way.

Only a small vcore increase was needed. I am afraid mine is not one of the better chips OR there is still much to learn about p67. Cant get it over 4.6 no matter the vcore and I am running 1.35 vcore where most are 4.8 with that vcore. Again, could be my ignorance to the new chipset and the new bios settings. Also, whats the hurry ? I clocked it down to 3.6 to a clock for clock with the q6600 and my benchmarks barley moved. In other words, this chip is half asleep what an overclocked 480gtx being a bottleneck at 1080p.

These new intel chips are so damn fast though. I cant imagine what kind of jumps will be see with either the next get vid cards or going SLI. This chip screams "Buy another 480 !" but I am not sure that I want to mess with sli. The power requirements, the horror stories of it not working, being flakey or needing profiles.

Temps are great and I could care less about prime stable. I have NEVER used prime and let it run for hours and get hissed at for it in certain forums. I play games and if every game I play runs with out crashing and no blue screens then who cares ? I never "primed" my q6600 and it ran at 3.6 for 2.5 years and had zero issues. Prime stable ? How often does a gamers cpu max out all cores to 100 ? Never. Not yet at least....

I would love the speed but is it worth the extra work for SLI and the new powersupply I would have to have ?
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