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Default Re: what causing this in crysis ?

Originally Posted by YodaStar View Post
1280MB VRAM is enough (SLI memory doesnt count as unique thus 2x1280MB is still 1280MB as data is duplicated for each card). Even with texture mods Crysis or Warhead dont hit 1GB VRAM usage until you go past 1920x1200 with 8xMSAA.

The triple buffering in Nivida control panel only affects OpenGL applications/games so it wont affect DirectX games. So triple buffering is stilln to enabled.
I just got my 580 today and obviously I ran Crysis first

It doesn't have any mini-hitches like I experienced with my 570 and looking at memory usage, I am hitting about 1GB with just 4xAA and my Blur turned low.

Essentially, I think he is hitting a vram limitation. I had hitching with blur on with my 570, don't have it now.
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