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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by NuBee View Post
Yeah, it came to my mind that the screens you show there should logicaly show FTX sceneries and not other sceneries, but after I pushed the "send" button. So yes, its was my fault, it was not really nice and also not smart from me
To be honest Nubee I don't know why they're quite so touchy about other products [GEX excluded perhaps, due to NickN's rather sad and unprofessional behaviour], esp. ones that do not relate to what they do, or areas they don't intend to cover. They are head and shoulders above any other landclass based product out there, by a considerable margin, so I don't know what they think is going to happen?. I once posted a link to some of my Horizon scenery shots, just to show is was not as bad in some areas as some Orbx members were making out, and it was like I'd done some heinous crime... did they think everyone one would see them and jump-ship to Horizon, dumping Orbx forever?

Anyway, where is Steve?... he dangled his 'nicer shadows' in front of us, then disappears, bloody typical

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