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Default Re: Game Physics across consoles - is PS3 better than XBOX 360?

Originally Posted by prankstare View Post
- Can the other unused core's (SPE's) from the Cell processor be used to perform graphics duties? I only ask this because comparing the graphics between these two consoles, PS3 is a lot worse on most games than the XBOX 360, and it shows!
Yes, but you must plan for it in advance and the task should not contain normal shaders or texturing.

First thing that was done with SPUs was trimming of vertex data to make it fit RSX better. (culling invisible polygons, animations and so on.)
Then SPUs were used for post processing like DoF and motion blur, this gets a nice load off from RSX.
Now many games use deferred rendering/lighting and the actual light accumlation pass and such things. (Uncharted2 and Battlefield3.)
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