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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

What! you want our money now?

I agree actually, you should make it at least 'donationware' .. I think people tend to be quite generous, and it might avoid it being used to line someone else’s pocket, which happens a lot it seems.

I missed the shots on Orbx, but have seen them now and commented - they do look very cool indeed If you need any tests/second opinions I will be happy to be a guinea pig.

I suppose I do understand where JV is coming from to some degree re: screens of other products is free advertising for the competition, but I simply don't think it would give sales to anyone else, or take sales from Orbx... unless it was clearly stated I would not have a clue which scenery was being shown anyway, apart fom Orbx which is very distinctive, and a couple of photoscenery packs which I know well, it would not mean anything. They really have nothing to worry about from the competition, because there isn’t any, what they do is different enough and their user base is hugely loyal. Anyway it’s entirely up to them what they do, even if it does make them seem a little grumpy and sensitive at times.

Here is a pretty picture… A2A Cub & Northern Rockies.

Originally Posted by omzig View Post
Hey guys

im about,sorry about teasing you with the shadows shots,im kinda between homes atm & have quite limited interwebs access & no way to develop stuff while im at one on my homes

I posted a few new shots of my shadows mod over at orbx myself the last few days ppl seem to dig it,i saw that JV had been on a bit of a cull of posted shots,funny they go after scenery but not aircraft? now they've branched out into aircraft you'ed think they'ed only want shots of the lancair....

Anyhow back to the shadows stuff....this package might stray into donationware/payware territory its taking a lot more time that i thought and because theres noway i can protect the code/mod once its out there in the wild im beating the temptaion for someother payware addon dev will just rip it off making a wack load of cash from my research....what do you guys think???

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