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Default Re: Im so f***ing excited about the NGP (PSP2)

Do you guys even read the link i posted?

Originally Posted by nutcrackr View Post
Don't use my PSP for games and don't see that changing. How many people actually play games on the go these days? I'll just get games on PS3 instead.

The only way they could sell me this is if naughty dog did an exclusive uncharted game on it.
A new Uncharted game was demod on the system taking full use of the systems front and rear track pad. using the rear trackpad to climb and all sorts of other gestures. and they showed you could still play it with just the analog sticks. it looked amazing.

Games announced.

Monster Hunter
Call of Duty
Hustle Kings
Hot Shots Golf
Lost Planet

Originally Posted by Destroy View Post
As expected, its a device loaded to the hill with all of todays best tech. Battery life will definitely be an issue I'm sure pushing those specs. And what about the media, all download only most likely or what? Backwards compatible with current PSP UMB games?
it uses Flash based media so it will save allot on battery live compared to UMD and will offer everything downloadable aswell. you can get all your previous PSP games downloaded onto the system. Dont forget you will also be able to hook this up to your big TV and enjoy the games sitting at home. they also talked about being able to play your PS3 games and continue the same saved game on the go with you on the NGP

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