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Default Re: Optimus support for Linux

Damn! Now I feel eerily lucky that I've been waiting so long for the ASUS U36Jc to be in stock. It's due tomorrow, but stumbling across this, I just managed to cancel the order in time.

I still want that computer, it's really nice, but of course if I can't use it properly, then it's a no-go

Now I have to decide whether I should wait for some Optimus fix or workaround or just go with a non-nVidia GPU.

How are the ATI cards these days in laptops for Linux? I have an ATI card on one of my desktop computers, the drivers are not very good, the Cataclyst thing very bad.

And what about the performance of the Intel i3-5-7 on-die GPU? One would think that being integrated directly into the CPU would yield better performance, but who knows?

So... Buy ATI, go for i* integrated GPU only, or wait until this issue is resolved?

I'm gonna subscribe to this thread to keep up with when that happens.

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