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Post Direct2Drive Offers Game Rentals: $5 for 5 Hours

Direct2Drive has made the following announcement on its blog: "One of the many reasons I'm proud to work for D2D is the on-going commitment to better serve our customers and followers. Trust me if you could be a fly on the wall during our many brain-storming sessions you'll walk away satisfied in knowing we take all your feedback to heart. So, I proudly announce our newest feature, Direct2Drive's rentals.

Starting today you can rent select titles for $5.00 that gets you 5 hours of play time. If you decide you want to keep the game, the $5.00 initial investment will be applied to the final purchase of the game. It's that simple! To start things off we have a few games for you to choose from Silent Hill: Homecoming, Grid, and Divinity 2.

A $5.00 investment for 5 hours of game-play is one great deal. You never know, you might stumble on a great title you otherwise would have never tried. Our rental selection will grow in time but for now feel free to take a game or two out for a spin."

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