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Default Re: Optimus support for Linux

I have been loyal to Nvidia since 3dfx was bought. Everything I've had I made sure to go Nvidia b/c I could always be assured Linux support. So loyal in fact, I opted for an Intel processor on my laptop over AMD (which I prefer by far) just to get Nvidia. Pretty insulting that I'm slapped in the face with this complete lack of support.

Shipping this back and probably going to eat a 15% restocking fee, and go for the Phenom Tri-Core with ATI graphics.

The 9500 GT I have running on my desktop now is seeming a little dated and I was considering an upgrade for it. Now I am going to give ATI much more serious consideration. From the research I've done, the new generation of ATI cards work with Ubuntu out of the box, at least. Just takes enabling the proprietary driver no different than an Nvidia card now. Also ATI is cheaper, and so what if it runs hot. I have a nice case and big fans
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