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Default Re: Best Linux distro for a not fast machine

Originally Posted by Azmandius View Post
Hello all,
Itís a nice feeling entering Linux OS community for the first time, especially because I am on a serious task to switch all computers from my office from commercial OS like Windows XP SP2 to some good Linux distro.
I hope and I am sure Iíll have good and useful time in here.
Now, I would like to mention what exactly I need help with.
I am managing an NGO office with less then 10 quite old machines. And the average computer power is: AMD Athlon 600MHz with 256-512 RAM.
Unfortunately there is no plan to upgrade hardware in the near future, and yet I have to do the switch to Linux for licensing reasons.
Could you Linux gurus advice me what is the best and most user-friendly Linux distro for an Athlon 600MHz machine?
I would like to mention that it would be nice from all those many Linux distros available out there to install a distro that is really compatible with most device drivers and has lots of software available for it, so I will not have to spend the first half of the day installing a printer driver, and the second half trying to find a Linux compatible software for doing some simple tasks.
Thanks you very much in advance and best regards.
Cheers everyone!
Take a test machine and try them(distros) out from a LiveCD on a USB stick and see which one works for your needs as far as the interface,etc. Don't expect 'every driver' you might need to be on the LiveCD. That's why there are package managers. Imagine not having root around for software anymore. What a concept! Ubuntu 10.10 is my distro of choice but there are others that are quite good as well. I'd suggest installing LibreOffice also which will take care of that part of the equation for office needs. It would be nice if all the machines had 512 MB of memory.
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