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Originally posted by SurfMonkey
Also they might well have a killer product, and having seen how they've played this game before, they may want ATi to bask a little before being knocked back into the stone age. It would make the defeat so much sweeter for nVidia.

Thats a very dangerous game for any company to play. What if instead of "basking" ATI was developing..say an R350 to have ready to counterpunch Nvidias belated offering. Realistically the more time Nv30 is delayed this becomes more of a reality, as both of these big hitters constantly are working on their next release.

Companies never intentionally allow the competition to take the forefront...and certainly if a competitior does..the other company would not consciously allow them to keep it just to make a sweeter long term victory.

Nv30 smells like another Rampage to me.
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