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Default Re: Game Physics across consoles - is PS3 better than XBOX 360?

While games don't really use any "scientific computing", graphics processing is very similar to what scientific computing does. Graphics processing is all floating point operations as well.
May this be the reason why these consoles chose the PowerPC's for their products? Or merely a financial strategy? Cause I don't think the PPE's from both the 360 and the PS3 use their power to do FP calculations do they? Specially the 360... Now do games make use of branch prediction? Man, I am curious (this is why I am not a bot people, so common).

I get really pissed off when I watch those comparative videos among 360/PS3/PC and I get smashed up to see how much aniso and extra lightning the PC versions may use. Seeing how PC hardware is coming to be just get me frustrated to have bought my first 360 console
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