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Default Re: Microsoft MN-700

First of you will never get close to that 54 meg speed, its theoretical. second wireless is a half duplex connection, so unlike ethenet, you host computer can only talk or listen, there is something called csma/ca. so if you have other wireless access point around your house that is using the same frequency then this will slow down your wireless network connection. Do a site servey by walking around your house with your laptop to see what other network are in your area and note what channels they are using.
Also, wireless G only has three over lapping channels. 1, 6 and 11, so choose the one with the least activity or covers your houshold.
oh ya, see if you can change the setting to "G" only...that might help because if one of your hosts connects with a "B" device, they all go down to "B" speeds....
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