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Default Re: Which mobo would you chose?

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
Honestly, and as much as I love my i7 920... I don't see a compelling reason to go with the more expensive LGA1366 platform. It doesn't offer anything that the LGA1155 platform cannot do.

I'd go LGA1155 with a top end chip. Should OC nice and will give great performance for years to come. Obviously, no less than 4GB RAM, the more the merrier. 6GB seems to be a happy medium for most.

Also, and necessary imo- a SSD for the boot drive. 30 - 40GB is usually sufficient and it'll make a *huge* difference. Easily the best upgrade I've done to my rig.
I am willing to bet I won't notice any difference in performance between the platform.

I already have two x25m 80gig ssds. I'm all set there. I am building a new system so I can hand my son the old one. It is a nice i5 system, no slouch.

I am curious about the new EFI BIOS. They seem to like it on this board.
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