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Default Re: Bug Report: Hard crash (freeze) with nVidia GTX 460

EVGA GTS 450 SuperClocked, I can go for days without a problem, last span was 3 days, then hard lock, can't do anything, it takes a hard shut down, I pulled the GTS 450 and replaced it with an older GTX 260 for the time being.

Have never experienced anything like this in 12 years of using Linux.

I tried getting all the bug reports and there is never anything. It is a strange situation.

I have many machines with nvidia graphics cards and have zero problems with all the others. The only one seems to be the 400 series card.

If this was just a tinker and toy machine I would leave it in and see if I could eventually get a report, but I never can and I need a reliable system to do my work with. So I just swapped out the card.
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