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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Hey Guys

Very nice shots from both mark & nubee there

Im sure i can gift you guys a copy of my shadows mod once its done maybe in trade for a few pimp out shots only joking infact id never ask the regulars on this thread/board for any donations for things because of the feedback & support you've give me on all my other FSX paints/tweaks & stuff

Asking for money for this stuff will be a tough call and something ive thought a lot about,in the end i got to thinking about it like this if xxX/xxX/XX-XX xxx (blanked out so i does look like im bad mouthing ppl) implimented this kinda mod after using my research as a base & it got them just a 1000 new users that would be a lot of money they'ed have im not saying they'll rip it off but if they did and i just give it away id be kicking myself forever and aday,i figure its gotta be worth a few $/'s of any flightsimmers money though right? wrong?

now im not expecting to make silly kinds of money out of it but with the ****ty year i had last year money is still pretty tight for me and id like a few new bits for my PC and beable to buy back some of the stuff i sold to get by & looking at some of the outright dog**** that gets sold for FSX these days i dont think im totally out of line in asking for something for my hardwork and after all noone else has bothered to do this stuff right....maybe i should just stick a GUI/installer on it & take it totally payware and just be done with it.....

BTW mark i managed to answer a Question you asked me an age ago back on page 171 while i was reseaching this stuff,not sure why but one night your question just popped into my head and i had to find out why but i'll leave you guessing why for a while longer

Any hows heres a few shots from my brother in-law who's giving some of this stuff a run out from me while its still Alpha (i'll be asking for beta testers once it gets that far along)guess id better not post these at Orbx due to the GEX content

Gonna look at ordering a 570GTX in a week or 2 as my 260 is still crapping out,still no change on moving it to another system/psu so im sorry to say this stuff is pretty much on hold till i get a new GFX card........

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