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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Holy cow Steve, those shots are amazing! The definition the darker shadows give is incredible; I can't wait to give it a spin for myself. I'm not a huge fan of GEX, but those mountains look really good actually... is this GEX USA?... I do have USA, but it's not on my system atm, due to hard drive space getting a little low… though I may add it again on the strength of these.

Funny [or spooky] you should mention that old question, as I came across my old FEX back-up folder while doing some cleaning just two days ago, which contained all the default FSX sky textures... here I noticed that there are nine different textures for each time of day, not the duplicates REX/FEX adds, so nine different sunsets, sunrises etc... I concluded that FSX randomises it's selection to vary the look of each time of day, either that, or its provides different ones for different geographical areas.... so, am I right or wrong?

I guess you've seen the new 560ti Steve?... looks like a great card for the money and not far behind the 570. I may just have to consider the big upgrade this year, as my PC [AMD X2 2.6ghz - 9800GT 1GB - 2GB RAM - XP 32bit] is now really showing it's age... it'll mean 'new everything' so will require a fair bit of cash, which I don't really have. I started gaming on the XBox360 but with Skyrim coming I think I would rather have a new PC to play it on, and get the benefit from better performance in FSX.

Go for the full Payware.. if you can package it it nicely, then there is no reason why it shouldn’t go on the many FS e-tailers... if it's priced right you could make a nice amount off it I would think. It there any scope for the end user to tailor the effect [depth of shade, colour etc], in a similar way to FSWC?
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