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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

I love WoW, but I'm getting towards the end. The community seems to be getting worse, the B-Team running the game now seems clueless and confused as to what they want to do with the classes. They did some big nerfs in 4.x.x only to change some stuff back to some middle ground. Example, an AOE skill does 150% weapon damage, they reduce it to 60% then months later increase it to 80% (just picking numbers here).

All the loot and mob health numbers are so jacked, it's crazy. At this rate, we'll all have 1 million health by level 100 when it comes.

A fresh 80 in crap gear had maybe 30k health after the recent changes, maybe 20k pre 4.x.x. Now, a fresh 85 has over 100k health. Insane.
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