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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Hey guys

Hey mark thx for the feedback

Ive thought about allowing users to control the depth/tone of the shadows via a slider but looking over the feedback FSWC got it seems that 7-10 ppl seem to just like having presets or just want to just run an exe that does everything for them,as im not a massive programmer i want to try and keep things as simple as pos atm,if it takes off and ppl ask for more presets or access to the tone/depth of shadows i can always spend the extra time adding features,i dont want to spend hours and hours on building a gui if no ones going to use it,as for pricing i think 5/$7.50 is about what id be willing to pay for it myself,so less that an hours pay for most in trade for about 40-50 of mine

Ive been onto my b-i-l about the shots and it seems the first 3 above are GEX USA (looks like the FSgen mesh aswell id say) and the last is infact FTX usa (no idea which part) he had ment to just send me just GEX shots so the one below should have been inplace of the random FTX shot......

Glad you brought up the 560ti i had looked over the reviews but for the price i just thought id throw and extra 50 at the 570 and OC that seems AMD and NV are about to get into a price war around the 200 mark so i might wait it out a month or so till they drop a little more (i can program the GUI on my laptop now i have a solid set of values for my shadows)

I had thought about the going for a 6950 (flashed up to a 6970) but i dout ATI/AMD's support for FSX has improved much/if any since i canned the 4870 so i dout i'll walk that path again,might be worth asking at Rage3d to see if i can get a rise out of them one of there mods sprye hate me asking about FSX on ATI! ......much like yourself the 360 has become my "gaming" platform for me its because im living at a temp address and have'nt bothered to move all my PC gear there (+atm ive been working through my backlog of Jrpg's) & i think the only game/sim thats been fired up on my PC in the last 6-8 months is FSX,the 260 handles it just fine & would stay inplace for another gen or so if it wasnt crapping out

& in answer to your question its just on a 10 day cycle! shame REX/FEX dont respect that cycle but hey who knows if the even know its there! & you wouldnt wait to know how many hours that took me to findout hehe (dam Aces and there half finshed SDK....)

Check you guys in a week or 2 (hope to have a beta for you about them if my brain dont melt on learning to program GUI's!)

almost for got the other GEX shot!

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