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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

Well, I think what we have is culture shock, based on feedback from my guild, and others. WotLK was super noob fest r us, ez to get epics, lots of places to get epics from, ez raids, everything was ez mode, save the top top top 25mans in heroic mode.

Now WOW dev team made it closer to like it was in vanilla, and now people are crying, there isn't a lot of stuff to do in end-game, it forces people to find guilds and do raid content.

What I would like to see, is, keep some of the harder Heroic 5 man's and give epics at the last boss. Make more mediocre heroics for lvl 340-346 or possibly 350 gear. Then add a few more raid instances with new/more epic gear, and in-between Heroic 372 and 359 gear.

That way, you have a much better chance of getting epics if you are casual, but at the same time, you have a better chance of getter more epic gear in smaller guilds.

People, even as it is now, it is A BILLION TIMES MORE EASIER THEN VANILLA!!! Vanilla you didn't have half the stuff you have available to you! Quest helper is huge, random dungeon finder (cross relm) FREAKIN HUGE!!!!

Those things were the massive time sync's that everyone had in vanilla, I don't care what people think, those things made people have no life. And I'm glad it's not completely like that anymore, yeah stats are sky-high but that's how blizz is changing the game. If you think about it, they were going to include "hero classes" ever since the beginning, so one could assume that they will make that possible in the near future, especially with how stats are going.

I will say that, not everyone is a dev e-peen massager, ever since vanilla, class specific forums have always complained about the necessary nerfs and what not. So I don't really see where all the brown-nosing is coming from. MAYBE if you goto blizzcon and are trying to milk the devs for info or something or sit on their laps or w/e.

This game is pretty nice right now, my main being huntard, DPS is awesome, too bad they're nerfing surv pretty massively, which they always nerf the crap out of huntards. I'm finding that my 68 priest is actually quite fun, switching from deeps, to healing, and getting almost insta-queues!! FTW!!! It's a nice, fun-filled change and challenge, I find it almost equally as fun as with hunter. Especially when you have noob tanks pulling the whole room in sethekk halls, but getting my twink (heirloomed) priest to save the group (thank you disc shields ftw) gives me quite a sense of accomplishment. I will say that if a noob hunter fires a shot at a group because they are spamming buttons (I know cause I've done my fair share) that I will not save them due to them not FD'n or at least MD'n to tank.

Haven't lost a tank cept when the whole room gets pulled plus boss (only once and his own fault). OKAY yeah, maybe I'm stroken the peen a bit, but it's way fun, and different!
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