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Default Re: Microsoft MN-700

Originally Posted by Technoholic View Post
Yeah, it's only set to Wireless G. And this router has the channel set up manually, it does not have any automatic settings. While at my home in PA, we have D-Link routers and wireless switch or whatever (we have a lot of those hooked up and at full speed without any problem).

In the D-Link wireless settings, there IS channel settings on automatic. We have it set on manually. Someone and something was used that caused interference with our MN700 wireless router, it stopped working or limited access wireless for about 20 minutes then it works okay. I know in the newer wireless routers, it will work better and have that channel settings changing on automatic.

There are two wireless routers I'm not sure which to pick. The price does not play a factor. It has to be D-Link wireless routers, recommended by Sorenson (the video phones). We will only have 2x PS3 and 2x video phones hooked up by wireless.

D-Link DIR-655
D-Link DIR-628

Sorenson recommended DIR-615 and DIR-628 and above if you suggest other routers.

Thanks for your help, peepz.
Whats you budget? im asking because right now im running in my home a cisco e3000(150$us) with a dd-wrt firmware, solid performance and all the features in the world one needs for their home...
If those are your two choices go with the dir615 and throw in the dd-wrt firmware, you will get most of the features of the dir 628 and will cost less. just keep in mind that the WAN and LAN ports are only 100megs...
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