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He's trying to say that the program may be "flawed" or "buggy" because it is not stable at his max overclock like all his other software. I myself can't see blaming a program for crashes if your overclocked and when you bring it down a bit, it no longer crashes. I see it simply as the program pushing some component in your rig to hard and it just can't take it. It may be the CPU, RAM, NB, or more than likely the voltage regulators.

My current P4 system runs 99.99% stable at 266 FSB. Never, ever a crash in any games or gaming benchmarks. I'm talking about running prime for 24 hours straight and looping both 3d Marks for hours at a time. But in about one month's time it has reset itself twice while doing pretty intense work in Photoshop. Setting the FSB to 260 solved the Photoshop problem. I believe the problem to be either the memory or a lack of cooling for the back of my voltage regulators. My temps reach as high as 88C under full load on the backside of the VRs. I'm going to slap on a heatsink there and a nice 120mm blowhole on the backside of my case to keep those temps down so that won't hold me back when I get my new memory in about a week.......PC4400.
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