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Default Re: Microsoft MN-700

Originally Posted by Technoholic View Post
The features of DIR-628 would be in DIR-615. But the range booster is the feature that I will lose, will I? I think I would want a range booster because I do lose half the signal in my room when the router is a floor down. What would happen if everyone (9 people) uses the laptop at the same time.
well I'm not a big fan of D-link, I think they produce sketchy routers but if your going to go with them I would choose the 655, seems the range is good and removable antenna would be something you would want to invest in if you still find the range sucks.
Something you might want to think about with these toy routers, heat becomes an issue over time so ventilation is a must if you want it to last long. So, since the 655 has a usb port, you can plug a laptop fan and place it underneath the unit. Thats what I did with my Cisco toy and haven't had a single problem.
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