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Default Re: GTX 280 BFG Tech (Sweden) -2008-2011 (Crash)

Update: Yeh thanks for the tip was really crying my pants out.. ^^

Anyhow, i got the new EVGA card Geforce 580GTX SLi double (quite new for me gg)
also changed the whole computer, spent around 1000€ on it, got the new I7 980 i believe and asus III rampage etc. and a new nätaggregat (energisupplier i guess dunno quite shady in some of those areas of telling the correct names etc)

But i found a lot of valuable information on this site which im gratly impressed by and quite negative on nVidia because **** breaks all the time :P

But computer upp n' running as it has never been running before. 5 years of warranty (or the better one that i have to pay each month for)

But thanks and i'll be in touch if it ever explodes again :P
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