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Originally Posted by hirantha View Post
Next beta is on feb 4th

yeah this game is so much like WAR... rift has an older graphic engine (high bloom effect) with weird annimiation(bunny hopping when running?LOL).

First impression wasn't there.. i say nice skill system.. but too many makes you feel like a swiss army knife.. i still preffer Korean MMOs, less convoluted but little more grind.
I didn't think this game was anything like War. It doesn't look like it and doesn't play like it. The only things similar is the rifts that are like community quests. The rifts happen to be more fun and affect the local area more. Then you have the zone wide rift attacks. Those raids are a blast.

The reason I say it doesn't play like War is because War pissed me off on how it felt. This game doesn't have anything near the feel of War. The biggest similarity to War is that it uses the same graphics engine. Other than that it is a fun game that took almost all existing ideas and made them a bit better. I dont' think every game has to be completely new and revolutionary, Darsiders proved that doesn't need to happen to have a great game.

Korean MMOs are horrible. I'm not slamming what you like. I just happen to not like them at all.
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