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Default gtx590 release?

Just bought a p67 mobo, i7 2600k cpu, and 12gb's of ram over the weekend, and went to go purchase the evga superclocked gtx580. I actually made the card purchase on newegg, and as I was glancing at other stuff, I glimpsed something a bout a gtx590.

I noticed it said it would be out sometime in february, and i keep following what new articles I can find... basically gtx580's that have hand picked cores, will be limited run, and nvidia is certain of a february launch.

Just wondering if anyone else knows anything else about that card? What price to expect (I'm hoping $700 or less will cover one due to my budget, lol), if there's any reason to think nvidia may delay that longer?

I'd just buy the evga gtx580 right now, but I dont want to deal with the "Step up" hassle if its only a couple more weeks wait.

Any thought?
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