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Default Re: Palit 2GB GX560Ti's and NV Surround

Got the 2GB GTX560s installed and it's been a mixed bag so far.

On one hand, Just Cause 2, Mafia 2, UT2004,Left for Dead, and Batman AA played nicely at 5760 X 1080 0X16X in 3d Vision Surround.

Aliens Vs Predators played well at 5040X1050 in 3d. (for some reason it won't let me turn up the resolution past that, only thing I can figure out is the game sets the max your rig can display on installation. (because that's what I had when I installed)

Stalker COP hard locked my system, and HL2 played great at 5760X1080 0X16X, but was sloowwww at that in 3d Vision. Trying to add AA made it lock.

With 6 of 8 playing well on first try on my 3rd Sli set and second set of surround monitors since OS/games install I'm pretty happy with the GTX560s so far.
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