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Default nV News GTX 560 Ti Review - EVGA SuperClocked


Today we will be taking a look at the GTX 560 Ti. The GTX 560 Ti is NVIDIA’s latest addition to its GeForce 500 series of GPU’s, designed for high performance in daily activities from gaming to video processing to GPU computing. The card is designed around NVIDIA’s GF114 processor and sports a 40nm process.

This card is aimed at the “sweet spot” for gamers, focusing on high performance and low cost. Furthermore, like the other 500 series cards, the GTX 560 Ti was developed to improve performance per watt over its predecessor. This is accomplished via transistor-level changes, similar to those incorporated in the GTX570/GTX580 GPU’s. Furthermore, NVIDIA increased the number of CUDA cores to 384 and increased the PolyMorph Engines to 8 total. These PolyMorph Engines are dedicated to hardware tessellation, one of the newest features in DirectX 11.

The GTX560 Ti has replaced the GTX 470 in NVIDIA’s lineup and is positioned directly against the Radeon HD6870. Prices for the GTX 560 Ti start at around $250. As with NVIDIA’s other 500 series cards, the GTX 560 Ti sports the following features.

CUDA is NVIDIA’s parallel computing architecture, enabling large improvements in computing performace by utilizing the NVIDIA GPU for floating point operations. CUDA’s reach is expanding. From games using CUDA for image processing effects, such as motion blur and depth of field, to academic research’s Folding at Home application, CUDA is showing the true power of NVIDIA GPU’s.

NVIDIA’s PhysX improves game realism, delivering more realistic effects than ever before. From large scale explosions to trickling water and floating papers, PhysX adds a level of realism to in-game physics never seen before.

3D Vision
As the availability of 3D monitors increases and the prices continue to drop, 3D gaming is becoming more and more commonplace. NVIDIA’s 3D Vision is the first solution allowing you to experience your games and movies in full HD 1080p stereoscopic 3D.

NVIDIA Surround
NVIDIA Surround provides support for gaming across three monitors at resolutions up to 7680x1600 (three 2560x1600 LCD’s), enveloping the player in the game like never before. NVIDIA Surround supports landscape or portrait mode for ultimate flexibility.

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