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Default Re: nV News GTX 560 Ti Review - EVGA SuperClocked

Package Contents and Features Overview

Below is a picture of eVGA’s GTX 560 Ti Superclocked. eVGA offers two models of the GTX 560 Ti, including the FPB (Free Performance Boost) priced at $249.99, and the Superclocked model, priced at $259.99.

The GTX 560 Ti Superclocked is overclocked out of the box, with the GPU running at 900MHz (vs. 822MHz reference) and the memory running at 2106MHz (vs. 2004MHz reference). The card comes with a variety of extras, including two of the essential molex to 6-pin power adapters, a VGA to DVI adapter, driver CD and case badge, eVGA poster, and a free copy of 3DMark11 Advanced Edition, which is redeemed when the card is registered on Below is a picture of the contents.

While some GTX 560Ti cards available are based off a GTX 470 design, the eVGA GTX 560 Ti is based off a true GTX 560 Ti design, and features more heatpipes, 8 PCB layers, and a 4-phase GPU power design. Below is a picture of the graphics card and its cooling solution.

Here we can see the three copper heatpipes on eVGA’s GTX 560 Ti Superclocked card, which are designed to provide higher and more stable overclocks. We can also see the aforementioned baseplate designed to keep the power circuitry and memory cool. Every eVGA card comes with the following features.

EVGA Precision Software:
EVGA’s Precision software allows overclocking, monitoring, and fanspeed adjustments for your graphics card, allowing you to squeeze extra performance out of your hardware.

EVGA OC Scanner:
EVGA’s OC scanner is supported by the EVGA GTX 560 Ti and allows you to benchmark, monitor, and test your graphics card for stability, helping you achieve your maximum stable overclock.

EVGA ELEET Software:
Increase your voltage to your video card, enabling you to reach higher overclocks and improve stability.

EVGA Customer Support:
EVGA’s acclaimed customer support offers multiple ways to contact them, including support ticket, email, and phone, giving you great support.

EVGA Warranty and Advanced RMA Program:
EVGA offers a variety of warranties to fit your needs, including their exclusive 10 year Extended Warranty. Furthermore, their Advanced RMA program helps reduce your downtime by shipping a replacement product first and letting the customer deal directly with EVGA for quick and efficient service.

EVGA Step-Up Program:
EVGA protects investments and offers 90 days following your purchase to upgrade on qualifying products one time only.

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