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Default Re: nV News GTX 560 Ti Review - EVGA SuperClocked

Results: Synthetic Benchmarks

First up is 3DMark Vantage.

3DMark Vantage

Debuting in April 2008, Vantage strains graphics cards to test their DirectX 10 performance. For this test, the performance preset was used. The results are shown below.

As the figure shows, we see that the GTX 560 Ti outpaces both the HD5870 and GTX470 in DirectX 10 tests. This supports the results for the Resident Evil 5 benchmark. Next up is the 3DMark11 benchmark.

3DMark 11

This version of 3DMark is Futuremark’s latest installment of the 3DMark series and features tests for DirectX 11 graphics cards. For this test, the performance (720p) and Extreme (1080p) presets were used.

Using 3DMark11’s “performance” preset, which runs at a resolution of 720p with a moderate load, the GTX560 beats the HD5870 and GTX470 by a couple hundred points. However, using the “extreme” preset, which runs at a resolution of 1080p with a heavy load, the HD5870 edges out the GTX 560 Ti by a few points. This small gap may be able to be overcome with a little bit of overclocking. Next up is Unigine’s Heaven 2.1 Benchmark.

Heaven 2.1 Benchmark

The Heaven 2.1 Benchmark is one of the best modern benchmarks for determining a card’s tessellation abilities. That being said, the benchmark utilizes DirectX 11 (naturally) and offers settings for texture levels, tessellation levels, and AA and AF. For this benchmark, two different settings were used. The first benchmark utilizes medium shaders, moderate levels of AA/AF, and normal tessellation. The second benchmark uses the maximum values for the benchmark, including high shaders, 8xAA, 16xAF, and extreme tessellation.
  • Test A: 4xAA, 4xAF, Medium Shaders, Normal Tessellation
  • Test B: 8xAA, 16xAF, High Shaders, Extreme Tessellation

The results show the power of the GTX 560 Ti. The card beats the HD5870 easily and beats the GTX470 as well at both medium and high settings. The frame rates demonstrate how stressful the Heaven 2.1 benchmark is on these cards. For the last synthetic benchmark, we have one more test to stress the tessellation and DirectX 11 capabilities of this set of cards.

Stone Giant

Bitsquid’s Stone Giant demo doesn’t feature a benchmarking utility, so FRAPS was used to record frame rates over a two minute test. The demo includes settings for tessellation levels. For this demo, two separate tests were used again, one with high tessellation levels and another with tessellation off. The settings for the two tests are as follows.
  • Test A: No tessellation
  • Test B: High tessellation

With tessellation turned off, the GTX 560 Ti beats the HD5870 and GTX470 cards easily. When tessellation is turned on, the GTX 560 Ti and GTX470 both perform quite well and beat the HD5870 by a decent margin. This is expected, since the HD5xxx series, while DirectX 11 compliant, doesn’t perform well with tessellation.

Now that we have seen how well the card performs, let’s see how far we can push the cards performance by overclocking. We will also take a look at the temperatures for the card and see what kind of heat the card generates.

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